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The Deep Green Life

May 31, 2013

Last weekend, we adventured deep into the Canadian rainforest with backpacks and water bottles, traveling like runaways in a hurry.

Back in Colorado, in our deep-rooted always-home, trees look permanently thirsty, tentatively green only for a passing moment. Life lives in brief seasons there, knowing that snow or wind or fire can always surprise them from the other side of the mountain.

In Yuma, a temporary but impactful home at the desert rim, green was hard to find. Life was camouflaged in shades of sand and dirt and heat, buried but present still.

And in San Diego, life is landscaped into sexy palm trees and carefully curated lawns and rose gardens. Mostly life is blue, coming as waves that crash and retreat with loud, even rhythm.

So for these adventurers, Canada’s deep green flavor was new. It was unexpected.  The green trees and plants and moss were so busy living that you couldn’t see the ground they came from.  Life had overrun the soil in a defiant rampage.


There in the dense green, I thought about John 10:10 where Jesus promised “life to the full.” Life sourced completely. Life on the verge of explosion. Life about to pee its own pants.

Jesus said it was possible. And I believe him. Sometimes I just need to be reminded.

He offered a life overrun with life. A deep growing green.


In Canada, I was reminded of this promise. I  remembered that sustaining life is not my responsibility, even though I’m not sure how I thought this in the first place. This deep-green life echoes beyond than me, is taken care of above me, and attached to a bigger adventure. Hiking mountains alludes to a louder story every time.

God is so creative in the diverse ways he proves he’s behind the scenes: in Colorado snowfall, Arizona deserts, California waves, and Canadians rainforests.  He’s everywhere, and yet each time it comes as a surprise.

We travel with backpacks on, like runaways in a hurry, always running into a God that scoops up runaways for a living.

We are adventurers on the hunt for a good story, but mostly on the hunt for life overrun with life. The bigger story. The best story.  The deep green kind.

And He finds us every time.

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