Uncommon Thoughts on the Faithfulness of God

May 24, 2017

I saw an Instagram post the other day about something wonderful that happened to a person I do not know, but that I follow on Instagram for reasons I no longer remember. She and her husband were holding a printed-out ultrasound photo and celebrating a baby on the way. Beneath the photo she had written the loveliest caption that ended with “God is faithful.”

I’ve thought about that stranger for days since with a sincere sense of joy for her. But I can’t get that phrase, “God is faithful,” out of my mind.  It has stuck with me, like a splinter poking at a tender place.


I’ve used that phrase “God is faithful” before,  in the most common way— to subtitle the moments I got exactly what I wanted.   I’ve called God faithful, but what I really meant was that God was cooperating with my well laid plans. Yay, God! He was being faithful to my instructions, my timeline, my preference.

But what about the times of waiting?  What about periods of longing rather than gratification?

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Almost There Book

Almost There: Join the Book Club & Launch Team

May 15, 2017

Here is a photo of me holding a book I wrote with my two hands IN MY ACTUAL HANDS.

Well, hey there! I have some exciting news to share about a baby I didn’t grow in my belly, but that I created with my ten fingers. And ludicrous amounts of coffee.


My book Almost There releases in TWO MONTHS, can you believe it?!!

It’s so surreal to finally release a book that I’ve been carrying in my heart and mind and on multiple laptops for five years. FIVE YEARS.

Guys, I started writing this book when long, drapey necklaces were in style and now chokers are a thing, so I’ve basically witnessed a full fashion cycle in the time it took me to write, revise, and rewrite 192 pages.

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