The Hunger of Starting Over

May 4, 2017


Photo by Mallory Recor Photography

Photo by Mallory Recor Photography

Our family is in a season of starting over.

The house, the job, the framework of a life beyond the military one we left behind is all abstract and hypothetical right now. We’re living with family for the moment, which means all the routines of our normal life are upended, including strict bedtimes. We occasionally look at houses for sale online and then I proceed to do the next logical thing, which is to shop for area rugs that would look nice within them.

It’s a funny thing to move ‘home’ to Colorado. I’ve always called this state home and yet now I’m realizing how I’ve made meaningful homes out of other places, too.  We’ve established a sense of home in the military community, in the suntanned village of San Diego, even in the identity of moving every few years. To stay is a nerve-wracking venture for us, especially when leaving has been our norm, our pride, our talent.

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The Long Road to a Big Decision

January 14, 2017

IMG_0353 2

So I have some news, and I’m just going to come right out with it:

Mike has decided to get out of the military.

Perhaps I should say that we have decided to exit the military, though Mike is the only one changing jobs. But when one person is in the military, really the whole family is.

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