When I Almost Didn’t Start a Blog

September 2, 2012


I really like telling stories. I think God gave me huge eyes just so they could make a wide-open point at the pinnacle of every story. I hope that’s what they are for… otherwise it would only be for the alien nicknames I received as a child.

I also really like to write things and it doesn’t matter what it is: to-do lists, birthday cards, or even thank-you notes. Yep, I love to write some saucy, poetic thank-you notes. I like to imagine that half of our wedding guests wept with inspiration as they read my moving words about Bed Bath and Beyond utensils. I think I received one thank-you-for-your-thank-you-note card and that is truly the mark of success.

I also SUPER enjoy writing customer service responses. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to take your phone survey, but give me a comment box with unlimited characters and I will craft a masterpiece. Mike gets annoyed when we have not even left the restaurant before I start drafting a customer service response on my iPhone. I then encourage him to thank his lucky stars that he married a multitasker.

So it’s settled: I have huge eyes and a way with words, but a blog?

It doesn’t take a brainiac to notice that blogging, facebooking, or tweeting is pretty narcissistic. You may have even read this article in the New York Times or this one from Relevant Magazine that discusses the exhibitionism of the carefully-crafted online persona. Shane Hipps of Relevant writes, “[Social media] focuses much of our attention on ourselves, while appearing to focus our attention on relationship with others. It is a mirror masquerading as a window.”

To be honest, I am just as guilty of mirror-gazing as the next guy and it was for this reason that I resisted starting a blog. But then I wondered, what if my mirror-reflective thoughts meant something to someone sometime? What if, by talking about my bad hair day, I inspired someone else to have a bad hair day too? And then that person inspired someone else to have bad hair? And then we could have a Pay it Forward moment where Kevin Spacey wears a Lady Gaga wig. And we could bring back the Kate-plus-8 reverse mullet. This blog could really change the world if that happened.

But even so, I didn’t want to add to the blog clutter. I kept coming back to a Switchfoot song that I don’t even like that says, “If we are adding to the noise… turn off this song.”

Wouldn’t one more blog just add to the noise? Wouldn’t I be just like one of those parents who brings a fog horn to a high school graduation? So annoying.

As I wrestled with these thoughts and the idea of Kevin Spacey in a wig, I realized two things.

  1. I was over-thinking it.
  2. I was really just scared of the risk of being annoying. Maybe it would be noise, maybe it would mean something. Can’t fog horns double as both?

I am fully aware that even if this blog does not change the world (although it is a strong possibility), at least it will give me a free forum to post cute pictures of my dog, which is the real purpose of any successful blog.

Here’s to the noise-making adventure.

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