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The Long Road to a Big Decision

So I have some news, and I’m just going to come right out with it: Mike has decided to get out ...
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Light of the What

This Christmas we have a two-year-old and an infant, which means the holiday season is equal parts excitement and toil ...
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Photo Credit: Alexandra Marie Photography

When It Has Been Awhile

Oh hey there. It's been awhile since I posted here. You know when it's been awhile since you've talked to an ...
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The Longest Days

The longest days are the ones spent waiting for something We’ve had a heat wave in San Diego this week. Ninety-degree ...
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How Time Passes

Over the weekend, I watched Molly play in a blow up pool and ride her bike around the cul-de-sac with ...
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What Surprised Me About Writing a Book

I woke up lighter last week, which is a remarkable statement coming from someone in the middle throes of pregnancy. Last ...
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The Thursday Before Sunday

There’s going to be an Easter egg hunt in our backyard on Sunday. Several of our neighbors are getting together and ...
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It’s Different This Time Around

It’s happening again: the weight gain, the exhaustion, the bizarre cravings for a cheeseburger at ten a.m. Also there is ...
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I’m Allowed

A couple of mornings a week I drop Molly off at childcare. I call it ‘childcare’ because the word daycare ...
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Do the Opposite

Shortly after the beginning of the year, I texted my friend Arica: “Do you ever have days when no matter how ...
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The Gift We Open After Christmas

I find that much of my time is spent as a watchman. I watch children, the news, social media. I ...
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Mary Pondered and So Do I

I got stuck waiting in line today behind a woman who couldn’t make up her mind. I was at TJ Maxx ...
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SAN DIEGO (Nov. 7, 2013) SAN DIEGO (Oct. 11, 2013) -  U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Michael DiFelice salutes during the National Anthem at the Naval Air Forces 238th U.S. Marine Corps Birthday ceremony at Naval Air Station North Island. The United States Congress adopted a resolution establishing the Continental Marines on Nov. 10, 1775. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Ryan Harper/released)

What is Calling & Should We Stay in the Military

I’m not sure if this happens to everyone as they reach their late twenties, but Mike and I have been ...
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A Case for Mercy

A little boy at the playground hit my daughter last week. It wasn’t an accident. He tried to take her ...
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molly crying

What to do with Halloween

I do not like to be scared, but I do love outrageous costumes. This makes Halloween a complicated holiday for ...
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When You’re Just A Beginner

Some nights Mike and I read in bed or lay on the couches and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine until we buckle over ...
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Holding the Line

Last week at the playground I watched a mom execute a parenting decision so correctly that I stared with open-mouthed ...
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What a Day Sounds Like

Mike leaves silently each morning. His alarm vibrates at 5:00 and he is usually out the door by 5:30, padding ...
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Blessed Are The Small

Sometimes when I can’t think of anything to write, I go to other writers’ blogs and overwhelm myself with how ...
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All I Want to Share is My Insomnia

 I thought that marriage included mandatory sharing of things. A couple says “I do” and from thereafter beds and bank ...
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How Friendship Has Changed Now That We’re Moms

Often I hear people say that they don’t remember who they were or what they did before kids. I nod ...
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Summer Favorites

This has been the summer of blown bubbles and newly-discovered dance moves. Among other amenities like garbage-free sidewalks and fenced-in yards, ...
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Where Our Parents Left Off

When my in-laws come to town, we sit around the kitchen table talking for hours. They ask good questions, but ...
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To Build & To Raise

To get some work done this morning I set my alarm for 4:39am. As Molly has grown, my ability to ...
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The End Game

It’s June and we live in a military-heavy neighborhood, which means that at any given time there are at least ...
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Darling Dinners: Connection Around the Table

It’s Thursday and I wore high heels. Obviously, I do that often. Tonight I went to a Darling Dinner sponsored by Darling ...
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The Happy Ones say Happy Memorial Day

When I started The Happy Ones blog two and a half years ago, I did it because I needed a reprieve ...
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Relationships: Deep versus Wide

When we first moved into our new house in the silent neighborhood, my friend Jaimi gave us an orchid as a ...
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The Suburbs: Where Noise Goes to Die

Last week we moved out of downtown San Diego. Our new address is in a cul-de-sac near a playground in a ...
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We Went to Iceland & Came Home for Easter

Last week I went to Iceland with four of my friends. (more…) ...
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Ryan McGuire

When the Military Orders Aren’t What You Expected

Last week our military orders came. They came at the exact moment I was certain they would never come. I ...
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The Fight Against Cynicism

Sometimes I like to be contrary for no good reason. I like to have a different opinion, a different perspective, ...
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The First Year of Parenthood

A year ago at this very moment, I was waiting in a hospital room to meet the little baby I ...
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Why the Three O’Clock Hour is the Worst

I made a new friend on the swing set the other day. We were both pushing our small children on ...
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Dave Meier

First Drafting a Book and a Baby

I’m working on a first draft of the book. It’s messy and vague and convoluted. The grammatical acuity is comparable ...
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Dave Meier

On Waiting and Advent

I’ve thought that Christmas is tomorrow for the past three days. But I’ve double-checked and today is, in fact, the day ...
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My Baby is a Runaway

Molly is an aspiring runaway. She is curious and determined and fast. Those baby crawling skills were cute when they ...
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When Change Comes as a List

The list came out today. And it wasn’t Santa’s. Mike sent me a text message this morning that read: “Two things: the ...
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When Friends Bring Rhubarb Pie

On moving day, Raquel came over with a strawberry rhubarb pie. (more…) ...
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Piñatas Come Without Candy

Is it common knowledge that piñatas do not come with candy included? I cannot be the only one that did ...
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book signing

Then I Got a Book Deal

Two years ago I started a blog. When we moved to San Diego in the summer of 2012, I waited eight ...
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apartment garage

I Have Road Rage in Elevators

My neighbor cut me off the other day. I still don’t know his name, but my dog really hates his ...
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And Close the Front Door Behind You

When I was discharged from the hospital after having a baby, I remember thinking that it was with far too ...
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New Table

Husbands are for Marrying. Tables are for Buying.

Three years ago Mike and I decided to build our own dining room table. We felt equal parts bored and ...
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Coping with Change and Broken Down Cars

A few weeks ago, the car broke down. I was by myself at a gas station in the middle of ...
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Waiting on Military Orders

Today is a waiting day in a waiting week that will compress into a waiting season that only makes sense ...
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When Alaska Taught Me Everything

The weather in San Diego is exactly the same as it has been, but Target is now selling leather lace-up ...
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Blogging from the USO

Today, I'm blogging hello from a USO in the Portland airport. I have exactly thirty seven minutes before we need ...
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City Walking the Mammals

I’m learning how to walk a dog and a baby at the same time. I keep telling Mike that I ...
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Best Friends Are Found On Craig’s List

Sometimes I think of Craig’s List as a phone directory for murderers. It makes me sad, it makes me scared, ...
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Working from Home is Hard

I have the extravagant privilege of working from home for now. I do bits of professional writing and editing for ...
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Human Shaped Barrels

Everyone prepared me for the exhaustion of parenthood. If there’s one thing you live and breathe and understand during pregnancy ...
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Traveling with Crowded Hands

Last week, Mike had a four day training conference in Hawaii. In my mind, this work trip summed up to ...
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Church Nursery and the Lunatic Lottery

I have to confess that even in motherhood I’m not terribly sentimental. (more…) ...
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Easter 1988. I am the one on the left (in case there was any question).

First Family Easter

When I was a kid, Easter was a big deal. It was the Prom of childhood, but instead of a ...
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The Day I Donated My Debit Card

I donated my debit card to Goodwill the other day. I was cleaning out my closet, going through clothes that were ...
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One month ago today our family became far more interesting and photogenic.  We had a baby, or rather, I had ...
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On the Day Before the Day

Dear Baby Girl. (more…) ...
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The Year of Mystery

I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. My brain has been too busy forgetting my ...
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SAN DIEGO (Nov. 7, 2013) SAN DIEGO (Oct. 11, 2013) -  U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Michael DiFelice salutes during the National Anthem at the Naval Air Forces 238th U.S. Marine Corps Birthday ceremony at Naval Air Station North Island. The United States Congress adopted a resolution establishing the Continental Marines on Nov. 10, 1775. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Ryan Harper/released)

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Marine

Today, as a special Christmas gift to you and me, my husband Mike (a.k.a. Mr. Adventure) has written the Christmas ...
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The Hard Part About Sitting Down

Lately I’ve found myself doing a lot of things while sitting down. Thinking. Eating. Giving instructions to my husband. To be ...
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The Art of Chalkboard Strategizing

On the way to Maui we almost missed our flight. The gate agent informed us that the gate was closing ...
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Yep. We Failed Baby Class.

Last night was the final session of our baby class. It was the sort of class that is supposed to ...
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Guest Room Shutdown 2013

In our house, there is a guest room. We typically use this room for guests because we like visitors and ...
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Ryan McGuire

Walking into Fall

I'm guest writing this week over at A Beautiful Mess, talking about the season I learned to walk again. "In that ...
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It’s Okay to Stare

I find myself staring a lot these days. Staring at a blank computer screen with sincere writing intentions, but then navigating ...
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Becoming Hospitable for Baby

There was a summer about 10 years ago when Mike started reading Thoreau. He soon became obsessed with the idea ...
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On Labor Day We Give High Fives

I love three day weekends.  I’m certain that I could finally maintain a healthy work-life balance if all weekends were ...
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The Baby is Taking Over

Mike and I went to a one-year-old's birthday party on Sunday. Clearly, we really like this one-year-old a lot since we ...
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In Going Second

I’ve had a sister all my life, which means I’ve always had a mandatory best friend and built-in chaperone. When I ...
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Pregnancy Announcement

A few weeks ago, I felt on the verge of throwing up at all times. It happened in the car ...
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America Vacations in San Diego

San Diego can be a really tough place to live in the summertime. Every time I escape from work on ...
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On Blocking Writer’s Block

I’ve been fighting a bout of writer’s block the past few weeks, scratching my head and revisiting old ideas before ...
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Summer is for Scooting

Someone told me yesterday that it is almost July, and I called them a liar straight to their face. Time is ...
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Learning to Say No

I missed a blog post last week. Maybe you didn’t notice, but thanks if you did. Last week was a bit ...
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When Fish Fall From the Sky

Wednesdays are my writing days…or at least I intend for them to be. I wake up thinking about the story I’m ...
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The Deep Green Life

Last weekend, we adventured deep into the Canadian rainforest with backpacks and water bottles, traveling like runaways in a hurry. Back ...
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Photo Credit: David Meier

How to Make Work Less Boring

Sometimes I get bored at work. I mean, my job is fine because it is the sort of job that pays ...
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Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire

Becoming a Teachable Driver

There’s this thing about driving in California. It’s terrible. While driving, it seems that I’m always caught behind someone going too slow ...
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Ryan Mcguire

The Art of Thank-You Notes

Thank you notes. We’ve all written them, avoided them,  intended to write them and then allowed an inappropriate amount of time ...
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Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire

I Love a Good Party

I love a good party. I love to sample nine different finger foods and chat with strangers that have never heard ...
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Fishing for Dreams

What does it mean to listen to our dreams? Check out my essay today over at A Beautiful Mess where other gifted ...
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An Interruptible Life

I would really like to prophesy my whole life into a day planner. Wouldn't you? I use my phone, a hard-copy ...
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At the Boston Finish Line

I remember the Boston finish line in slow motion. For all 26.2 miles, the finish felt too far away, as if ...
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I Just Discovered Emojis

I know I’m late to this party, but a friend of mine just showed me how to download an emoji app ...
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When We Go Antiquing

Is the “hipster” fad over?  It feels like that expiration date should have passed long ago.  But I just want to ...
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Ryan McGuire

Writing in High Heels

My workplace is unremarkable in a lot of ways. People wear collared shirts tucked into pleated Dockers and corporate lanyards around ...
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Ryan McGuire

National Try Harder Day

I get the feeling that Easter is misunderstood, because we celebrate it as if it is as "National Try Harder Day." For example, ...
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public transit (1)

Experiences in Trolley Therapy

For those of you who don’t know, Mike and I are huge fans of public transit. Mike rides the ferry ...
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We Build Morale on Trampolines

You have heard me say before that shcooters are good for marriages. This is because shcooting is the only form of ...
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Multi-tasking Like Father Abraham

A few times a week I get to pound on my piano keyboard while swaying side to side. It is ...
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Glove Box Deodorant

Life is busy right now. And I know that everyone is busy—which is why we have microwave ovens and alarm clocks ...
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Overcoming Musical Adversity

My parents put me in piano lessons as soon as my neck had the muscular control to hold its own head ...
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Photo Credit: David Mao, Unsplash

Spilled Coffee and Crumb-less Toast

Mike always reminds me to slow down. He says it as if he's trying to be helpful, but I hear ...
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Reverent Travel: Zurich, Switzerland

We walked into the Zurich Marriot wearing eager grins and heavy backpacks. The lobby was decorated with crystal chandeliers and ...
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Looking at the Matterhorn

Reverent Travel: Zermatt, Switzerland

Every adventure starts with a good name. At the airport I named ours Hashtag Ya’ll Ready for This, a title that ...
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Zermatt Matterhorn

Reverent Travel: The Matterhorn

Today I am writing from a café in the Swiss mountain town of Zermatt, situated at the heart-stopping base of ...
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Ryan McGuire

Road Bike Robbery

Last weekend was a weekend of robbery. It began on Saturday with an unjust and unexpected playoff loss for the Denver ...
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Creating Spontamunity

Spontamunity is not a typo. It's a word I made up. (You're welcome) Spontaneous + Community = Spontamunity Spontamunity is an accidental ...
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4ALUVYYlQLC004zkGhd9_Sunset at Windermere (1)

Remaining in 2013

This post-holiday week has felt like a loud and hovering pause. It's as if I'm at a stop light and ...
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The Benefit of Following Snowplows

Mike and I went back home to Colorado for Christmas.It was cheery and wonderful and holy-Moses-freeze-your-nose-hairs-and-clench-your-butt-cheeks cold. My nose and ...
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Ss2c5MVASdGkVHOwG6n9_Imogene Pass

Colorado Compromises

My homegrown Colorado roots will quiver in shame as I admit to you that I am an average-to-pitiful skier. I've tried ...
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New Year’s Resoluting

I'm sitting in "the office" this Monday morning listening to a song on repeat and staring at a blank journal ...
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Building a House for Sunday

When Mike and I move to new places with the military, I usually begin by researching humidity conditions that will ...
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Out-Crazy-ing Holiday Shoppers

I know that everyone gets a little annoyed holiday shopping. There are just a lot of holiday shopping-isms that are ...
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Looking up at Target

This weekend I was at Target like every other American in the month of December. Most of the time I ...
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Caroling to Myself

When I listen to Christmas music, my heart and my head partner up for a merry little waltz. They swirl ...
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Mistaken Shcooter Identity

First, I need to create a context for the story I am about to tell you. When Mike calls from work, ...
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Becoming Single-minded

I would really like to be well rounded, but sometimes multi-tasking just makes me bad at a lot of things ...
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Physical Therapy Office

Holiday Realignment

Last week I flew to Colorado to see my physical therapist. Since hip surgery last August, visiting my physical therapist ...
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Friends are Slip-and-Slides and Tambourines

You might have seen me in the tabloids over the weekend. We were in Los Angeles for a couple of days, ...
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Coffee Shop Eavesdropping

Everyday I go to the same coffee shop to write. The baristas know me, which has accomplished my lifelong dream ...
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surprise scary

Costumes and Other Scary Things

I know bunches of adults who adore Halloween. They start working on costumes in August and tell people about the ...
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Yuma Lettuce

Avoiding Baby-Sized Produce

Yesterday I had a routine lady doctor appointment. Don’t worry, this is not going to get weird. In the appointment, ...
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Holding Hands Hoover Damn

Weddings and Sharing Things

As I write this, I am sitting in a Courtyard Marriott lobby. I feel like a legitimate writer because I ...
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Bird Fighting Vin Diesel

Something crazy happened on our way home from beach camping last week. Mike and I were feeling pretty smug because we had ...
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Hip Surgery Recovery

A Broken Hip and Walking with a Harness

When I moved into the city I had some adjusting to do. Our little condo is situated on a block ...
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Beach Camping San Onofre

Beach Camping

Mike and I love Columbus so much that we celebrated him with a little beach camping. Beach camping is exactly like ...
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Feeling for Home

Fall makes me think of home. October feels important because it officiates summer’s end. When summer ends all of the travelers ...
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Finished Table

Building Rickety Tables

I know there are a lot of fantastic DIY blogs on the Internet that provide insightful instructions on home improvement projects, but ...
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Ryan McGuire

We Call Scooting Shcooting

I am shocked and disgusted that it has taken me eight adventure posts to get to one about my most ...
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Accidental Cankle Examinations

I often hear grown-ups complain about healthcare. Politicians seem to be really worked up about it now, too. Apparently, it ...
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Ryan McGuire

Pancakes in Short Stacks

I went to IHOP last night at 10 p.m. Don’t worry, I wasn’t alone. I was in Yuma with my pretty ...
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When I Wear a Bowling Jacket

I can’t decide if I’m a good decision maker. Of course, there are things that I am extraordinarily decisive about. Should grown ...
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StreetBeat 2012 Little Italy

I Witnessed My First Cougar Fight

Mike and I had the distinct pleasure of going to a concert over the weekend. You may be thinking that “distinct pleasure” ...
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Dogs in Socks

Sometimes I Put Socks on Our Dog

In my head, I know that people who talk about their dogs too much are annoying. Multiply that annoying factor ...
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High Elevation Crop Dusting

Climbing mountains is fun. It’s fun for many reasons, but I will list three: You can go days without showering ...
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Becoming more American

  Mike and I decided that not owning a grill was un-American. It made us feel bad.  It made us feel ...
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When I Almost Didn’t Start a Blog

  I really like telling stories. I think God gave me huge eyes just so they could make a wide-open point ...
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