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Almost There: Join the Book Club & Launch Team

May 15, 2017

Here is a photo of me holding a book I wrote with my two hands IN MY ACTUAL HANDS.

Well, hey there! I have some exciting news to share about a baby I didn’t grow in my belly, but that I created with my ten fingers. And ludicrous amounts of coffee.


My book Almost There releases in TWO MONTHS, can you believe it?!!

It’s so surreal to finally release a book that I’ve been carrying in my heart and mind and on multiple laptops for five years. FIVE YEARS.

Guys, I started writing this book when long, drapey necklaces were in style and now chokers are a thing, so I’ve basically witnessed a full fashion cycle in the time it took me to write, revise, and rewrite 192 pages.


I started writing about the concept  “searching for home in a life on the move” in 2012, shortly after we moved to San Diego. It was my third military move and I was unhappily unemployed, completely mystified by how LinkedIn worked, and overwhelmed by the longing to feel at home in a place where everyone else seemed to be already settled.

I don’t know if you’ve felt this sense of restlessness before, the longing to be established and safe in a context you absolutely are not. But in every new season of life, I find myself waiting for ‘home’ to be more like I imagined, a little deeper, a little better and cozier, somehow.

My favorite English professor once told me that the best writing comes from places of dissonance, from situations of prickling curiosity and unease. And in my case, the genesis of this book erupted from wondering if everyone else was as perpetually homesick as I was, not even for a physical place, but for a sense of belonging that eluded me.

I think we all experience transience, whether we move geographically or not. We are all on the move, pivoting towards what more home could be. For our whole lives, we drift in and out of places of purpose, identity, belonging, and comfort— all  the sensations that make us feel settled and at home.

And the conclusion I’ve come to, or rather, keep coming to, is that we need home in its tactile manifestations. We need an actual place to live. We need a community that hems us in and makes us feel known. We need routine and normalcy. But even more than that, we need Christ.  Because only an eternal, permanent God could interpret for us what to do with all this bits of temporary.


So whether you are like me, “on the move” in a physical sense— building homes in cities that are weird and foreign and occasionally co-located on the Mexican border; or if you just experience transience of heart, a suspicion you belong elsewhere, perhaps in a place with lovely accents or a different career field or in a community of people that finally ‘get’ you.  I want you to know, I wrote this book as someone with the same prickling curiosity as you.

So before I officially release the book, I want to start the conversation about what home is and what we long for it to be, especially amidst transience. I’m putting together a launch team of sorts, but really, it’s a first reader book club on my book Almost There… before it’s officially released.

People selected as ‘first readers’ will receive a free Advanced Reader Copy of the book and be added to a private Faceboook group where we will process this topic of home together.  You’ll get some freebies and be in the running for one super-fun giveaway.

Who can apply to the launch team:

  1. Humans who can read. (You!!! YAY!)
  2. Humans who will read Almost There.
  3. Humans who are fairly active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

Preferred qualities include:

  1. Humans who are part of community that would resonate with the message of the book (“finding home in a life on the move”).
  2. Humans who have a GoodReads account or would be willing to create one.
  3. Humans who share a dislike of cats and parallel parking

Launch team benefits (what you get, SON!):

  1. A free Advanced Reader Copy of Almost There
  2. An invitation to our private “Early Reader Book Club” Facebook group with weekly discussion questions and connections to new friends around the country.
  3. Access to videos, chats, memes, photos, and quotes to share.
  4. Surprise giveaways. (Probably including snacks, because we all know the saying: Home is where… the snacks are)
  5. First dibs on my best jokes (aka recycled quotes from Parks and Recreation)

Launch Team requirements (What I need from you, SON!)

  1. Read the book
  2. A book review on Amazon
  3. A book review on GoodReads
  4. Share (occasional & non-lame) photos and memes on Facebook, Instagram, or your social media of choice.

If you’re excited to join me in the launch and discussion of this brand new book, please APPLY HERE. The application process will be open May 15-20.

I’m so excited to share this book (aka MY WHOLE HEART) with you and have book club chats while using many exclamation points, capitalized letters, and unnecessary emojis.

  • So excited for the release of this book!!!!!! Gimme all the copies 🙂

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