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It’s Release Day!

July 18, 2017

Today is the day! Book release day! Cue the clapping, sweating, and nervous pacing. In lieu of champagne, can someone please bring me another cup of coffee? Oh, and another diaper for the crawling baby at my feet?

After years of dreaming, writing and rewriting, then months of edits, Almost There: Searching for Home in a Life on the Move is officially released!

Amazon has been shipping it for a few weeks already because Amazon is like a honey badger. It does what it wants. But for all intents and purposes, the little book with cars on the cover is zipping around the literary universe today.

I am thrilled. And terrified. And exhausted. I’m spending the morning of release day in a vacant house that we will soon own, waiting for a furnace inspector to come. I’m dropping my daughter off at VBS and ensuring I packed her backpack to include a water bottle labeled with her name, a clean pair of underwear, and water-defiant sunscreen.

It’s a normal day by most accounts, but also a day filled with tenderness. Because when you pour your heart and the intimate details of your story into a book, it’s a little terrifying to offer it to strangers for purchase. And then for those strangers to post Amazon reviews.

My mother-in-law Katie reminded me of Psalm 37:4 this morning: “Trust in the Lord and do good. Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.” Writing a book while parenting a toddler, being pregnant, birthing a newborn, and moving three times has been an illuminating lesson in the labor of faithfulness. Now that the work is done, the new challenge is to let go of the outcome.

In other translations of Psalm 37:4 read, “Dwell in the land and feed on the faithfulness of God.” As in, do the work and be faithful in the task set before you,  but lean on the promise that God is faithful. It is God who sends it out the work and uses it for his purposes and glory. What a relief.



Thank you to those who have followed the blog and the journey of the book,  for those who have prayed for and encouraged me.  Thank you, especially, to the Almost There launch team/book club who discussed the book chapter-by-chapter over the past eight weeks and brought vibrancy and dimension to the topic of home.

For those who have asked how they can help or support this week, there are a few ways.

  1. Buy the book. Because, you know, it’s on sale now.
    1. Amazon
    2. Barnes and Noble
    3. Christian Book Distributors
    4. NavPress
  2. Review it. Have an Amazon account? Goodreads? Every single review is so helpful. You can even copy and paste the same review on multiple platforms if you just love those keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Spread the word.
    1. Take a photo with the book and post it to social media. Extra points if there is a cute baby animal in the background. Because everyone loves cute baby animals. 
    2. Share quotes from the book or any of the graphics you see on my Facebook and Instagram pages.
    3. Tag it with #almosttherebook, because I can see it that way. Yeah, the book title is the hashtag because I couldn’t think of a more creative one. All the good hashtags were taken by cute hipster weddings, I think. So I’m blaming the lack of originality on people getting married.
  1. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll continue posting interviews, articles, podcasts, and updates that relate to the book. Oh!! And I’ll let you know about the super exciting giveaway next week!  In the basket of giveaway  goodies is this incredible hand-lettered wood panel from Lindsay Love Letters:

But if you just can’t wait for the giveaway, head over to her shop where you can order this framed panel now!


Whew! Did it pain you to read that bit of self-promotion as much as it pained me to write it? Let’s all take deep breaths together then go find a baby animal to photograph.

I’m beyond thankful for your friendship throughout this process. If you were here in person, I would give you a hug the would extend beyond the parameters of ‘normal’ and ‘comfortable,’ so it’s probably for the best that I can only hug you over the Internet (a.k.a text you lots of random emojis)

The book about being ‘almost there’ is actually here. (what’s the fun of titling a book if you can’t pillage it for puns?). I’m so excited to share it with you.

  • David Winters

    Congrats Bekah!! We placed our order and can’t wait to read it. We will let the Amazon machine know what we think about it! 😉

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