Becoming Single-minded

November 27, 2012

I would really like to be well rounded, but sometimes multi-tasking just makes me bad at a lot of things at once.

Since I am competitive by nature, multitasking improves my chances of being right more often.

I am pretty sure Pinterest was created for competitive people like me. It hints that everyone else is dressing stylishly on a budget, getting fit in 15 minutes, decorating their home with a hot glue gun and dry macaroni, and running their slow cooker 24 hours a day. Everyone else makes me wonder what I’m doing with my life.

Am I the only one who doesn’t have mason jars just lying around?

I thought empty wine bottles were supposed to be thrown away. But is the wine just a means to get to a candle holder?

The diversity of the Pinterest competition puts me on the brink of mental breakdown. I can’t be good at so many things at once, especially when the bottom of the screen is always “fetching more pins.” Stop fetching more pins, Pinterest! I can’t handle it!

I’ve stopped looking at Pinterest, which also means I don’t know if the top knot is still in style. Also, I can’t remember how to correctly or strategically knot a scarf … or a belt … or a series of strings to make a hipster bracelet. I guess I can’t compete in the knotting process at all.

The hardest part about being single-minded is choosing to be right about fewer things. It makes me feel less competitive, which sacrifices a sense of universal importance. I’m not right as often. Or maybe I just have a smaller audience to clap on cue.

Single-mindednes helps with humility, which is something I’m not naturally good at.

Humility means working hard without a lot of public attention, without trying to live with a view atop a hill you built yourself. You don’t stop excelling at your craft, you just stop leveraging it against everyone else. Humble people have learned to stop measuring their life by the view.

I think that is why we need Jesus to help us understand humility. Because faith is about committing your whole self to one thing that has nothing to do with you. Not only are you not good at everything, but you actually require saving.

Faith is a hill I can’t build myself.  Perhaps that’s why I have to grow in humility before I can get better at faith. This makes me feel smaller and God larger, which might actually be the point.

Sometimes its hard to make fewer things about me. But I’m learning, which means I focus on less and invest more in the main thing.

I wonder if maybe God has a Pinterest account for me too, one that organizes all the improvements he has planned. Perhaps he has different boards for my words, thoughts, and actions. I imagine God is extremely organized.

He is always working on me. The bottom of the screen perpetually reads, “Fetching more pins” which kind of stresses me out, but mostly reminds me of how infinitely I need saving.

  • Lydia

    you are fantastic.

  • Can

    I love those quotes. Honestly… I haven’t gone to Pinterest… bescaue I still can’t figure out twitter and … one more thing! *sigh* but it looks so cool.kristen @

    • Thanks for reading, Kristen!

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