Hi! My name is Bekah and yes, I know, my last name is hard to spell. If you and I were meeting in person, I would tell you to pronounce it like “Dee-Feliz Navidad,” because that’s what I tell all my new friends to do.

For a decade, I moved around the country with my husband whose military career took us to some of the most beautiful and obscure cities in America. In a life on the move, we discovered how much we loved adventure and community. We learned to grieve what was left behind and value what we carried with us.   In fact, I wrote a book about this (Almost There: Searching for Home in a Life on the Move).

My family and I now live in Colorado where it is sunny 300 days a year and too many people drive Subarus. We have three children who only speak at high volume and have yet to learn that crayons are not intended for upholstery.

Over my fourteen year writing career, I have worked in technical, academic, marketing, and non-profit fields.  Content development, curriculum planning, corporate communications, and copyediting are all in my wheelhouse, though I also enjoy singing Whitney Houston anthems at karaoke.

I’m an extroverted writer who enjoys collaborating on a team more than writing dark poetry in a closet. My favorite writing & editing projects have involved dynamic collaboration, innovative storytelling, high-quality documentation, and regular peer review cycles.

Excerpts of my professional work are listed on the homepage, while my personal essays can be found here.

For ghostwriting/collaboration inquiries, please contact my literary agent:  Don Pape of Pape Commons.

You can also find me on Instagram and LinkedIn.