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Hi! My name is Bekah and, I know, my last name is hard to spell. If you and I were meeting in person, I would I tell you to pronounce it like “Di-Feliz Navidad,” because that’s what I tell all new friends to do. Also, if we were meeting in person, you would notice that I have a tendency to talk fast with eyes wide and overuse the words “like,” “um,” and “literally.” I keep forgetting I’m a grown up, so occasionally I still talk like a child.

That family to the right is mine. My husband Mike is as handsome as he is kind and in 2009 he ‘put a ring on it’ in the same year Beyoncé released her song about it us. Our daughter Molly has red curly hair that perfectly encapsulates her wild and wonderful personality. Our son Conrad is a smiley baby who has not yet been persuaded on the advantages of sleeping through the night.

For nine years, Mike was an active duty Marine, which means we moved around the country. Both Mike and I are from Colorado, so in those years we tried to like the beach as much as we love the mountains, but that was difficult. Because the mountains remind us of home. Also, they do not have sharks.

In a life on the move, we discovered how much we love adventure and building community and investing in the local church. More than that, we learned about the permanence of Christ against the transient nature of everything else.  In fact, I wrote a book about this (Almost There: Searching for Home in a Life on the Move).  It took a very long time and copious amounts of coffee, which is true of most things in my life.

We now live back in Colorado where it is sunny 300 days a year and many, many people drive Subarus.

I’m a passionate gatherer of people, a mediocre cook, and a writer that has a lot to say about only a few things.   I think that faith is a conversation, not a finish line and I write to converse, to process, to excavate the truth of who Jesus is in the center of my ordinary life. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I just ask a lot of questions.

Thanks for stopping by. I like you already.